Monday, October 20

Clare's Wedding

"Aunt Clare, Aunt Clare! Is Uncle Charlie still going to be my Uncle when he marries you?" Dawn asked curiously.

"Of course he will still be your uncle, princess. Charlie will always be your uncle, no matter what." Clare said fondly. She loved her niece fiercely and the only regret she had about marrying was that she would be moving to O'Malley House with Charlie and would no longer live with Dawn.

"That's right. I will always be your best and most favorite uncle, won't I?" Charlie said smiling at Dawn. The youngest Montgomery was like all the Montgomery girls, exceptionally beautiful and charming with a touch of demanding to go with it. Not to mention gifted like all the Montgomeries before her.

Dawn smiled brightly. "Yes but...Daddy says it isn't nice or fair to have favorites. That I should love all my uncles just as much. Which I really do. I just think you're the most fun...aside from Daddy of course, he is the most fun."

"Now, be a good little princess and go sit down over there before your Daddy comes in and gives us a three hour lecture on something or other." Clare said quietly and kissed her niece on the cheek.

Sunday, October 19

Elders' Celebration

Baby Dawn grew into a lovely little girl, the first 4th Generation Montgomery. As she, she was to be her generation's heiress. She grew to inherit her great-grandmother's Neat trait. Dawn aspired to be an Artistic Prodigy.

Dawn had her Mother's deep red hair, and her fathers light green eyes. She knew very little about her mother, and she had yet to meet her. Dawn had been told by her family that obviously she had seen her mother when she was born...but not since. It seemed Cora did not yet have time to come visit her daughter. Dawn didn't let that bother her however, love was something she was fortunate to have in abundance.

Saturday, October 18

Decisions, Decisions

"Camren! That baby's coming!" Cora said in between contractions.

"WHAT?! NOW?!" Camren said in a panic. "Why now?! Wait, what do I do?!"

"Camren! Get a hold of yourself! It's just labor!" Cora said trying to breathe through her pain.