Thursday, September 25

2nd Generation Wedding

The Second Generation of the Montgomery Saga begins with Blythe's and Ben's Wedding. The young couple had met and fallen in love when they were teenagers. Since then, they had been practically inseparable, and finally they were getting married and they would truly be bound to each other forever.

The wedding guest list was kept relatively small, Blythe's parents and a few close family friends. Ben's older brother Malcolm had refused to even acknowledge Ben's engagement or wedding at all. He had ignored the wedding invitation and had not bothered to show up at all. Malcolm Landgraab had a tendency of being evil, even to his own brother on occasion. Ben's happiness would not be darkened by Malcolm's absence however. He loved his brother, and Ben knew that in his own weird way, Malcolm loved him too. That was enough.

"I can't believe we're getting married!" Blythe said excitedly.

Ben smiled, "Well, if we don't get in to the Chapel...we won't be getting married any time soon, will we?" He said warmly. With Blythe he had found a love he never knew existed. In the Montgomeries he had seen there was a different way for a family, a better way. The Montgomeries loved each other no matter what. In Blythe he had found his best friend, his first and only love and he had found home.

Blythe watched Ben for a moment then smiled, "Don't get lost in your own head, not today." She said with a chuckle and took his hand. "Come on, Mom and Dad are waiting inside already. You'd think they were in a bigger hurry than us to be married."

"There's the lovely couple." Said Anne happily.

"Took you two long enough..." Said Alex sternly then smiled.

"Awww sweetie, she's only getting married. You'll still see her every day." Anne said to her husband comfortingly as she hugged him.

Blythe smiled, her dad was one of a kind. "Alright, I guess we should get started."

The ceremony was short and sweet. Watching their daughter get married reminded Alex and Anne of their own wedding. Blythe and Ben seemed just as much in love as they had been...and just as young.

In the end, it was their love that had allowed Alex to finally let go of his beloved daughter. He knew Ben loved her dearly, as dearly as Blythe deserved. Alex could not have settled for anything less. And the fact that they would be living in Montgomery House helped of course. He would not have to miss his daughter, for he would see her all the time.

"You know," Whispered Anne to her husband. "They actually exchanged promise rings when they were still teenagers? It was so sweet!"

"Why that sneaky, cheeky brat...Well, too late now. He's married my precious girl." Alex mumbled quietly. In truth though, Alex did like Ben..usually. He knew he was a good kid who wanted nothing more than to love his daughter unconditionally. That wasn't such a bad thing after all. Then a thought stuck Alex that made him grin mischievously, "Wait 'till his child gets married, then we'll see. Oh I do hope I live to see the day!" He whispered gleefully.

"Cake time!" Blythe said to her new husband.

"Please tell me you or your mother made this cake?" Ben said hopefully.

Blythe smiled, "Mom made it, of course."

"Thank goodness! I've never appreciated your mother's excellent cooking more than now!" Ben said as he took the bite of cake Blythe offered him.

Blythe arched a curious brow, "Oh?"

"I just had some of the food from over there, we'll have to be more careful who we hire as cater next time..." Ben whispered.

"That's unfortunate..." Blythe said with a sigh. "I hope no one gets sick."

"Well this brings back memories, doesn't it?" Anne said to Alex with a smile.

"It doesn't even seem like it was that long ago..." Alex said thoughtfully.

"You're even sitting in front of the cake stuffing you face silly, as usual." Anne said and laughed.

"Hey!" Alex said defensively. "It's your fault for making such disturbingly excellent cake!"

"I'm sorry your brother didn't show up..." Blythe said to Ben.

"You know, in all fairness, it was probably kinder of him not to show up." Ben said with a quiet chuckle.

Blythe smiled a little, "Alright well, let's dance!"

Ben laughed, "First, a picture! Memories are good. One day we'll be old and wrinkled and we'll need pictures to remember."

"I'll have you know, I'll have a perfectly good memory right to the end!" Blythe said playfully.

"You know, Mom really outdid herself with this cake." Blythe said as she took a bite.

"I wonder when we can head home." Ben said casually.

Blythe laughed, "Oh be careful, you're starting to sound as antisocial as a Montgomery already!"

"Hmm, I don't know about that. It's more to do with well...I want my bride to myself already."

Blythe chuckled, "Oh really? Careful, Dad's still close by."

"I was thinking, we could get started right away with trying for our first baby." Ben said thoughtfully.

Blythe stared at him, "Baby? Now? I Wow." was all she could say.

"Well, if you don't think so, we could wait." Ben said quietly. He was really rather looking forward to having a family of his own.

Blythe smiled, "No, I think it's a lovely idea."

"Mom, we'll be heading soon, right?" Blythe asked her mother a few minutes later.

Anne chuckled, "Soon my dear, soon."

"" Blythe said hesitantly.

"Yes, dear?" Anne asked curiously.

"You're not...I haven't disappointed you guys, have I?" Blythe asked, suddenly worried.

Anne smiled warmly, "My darling, we have never been anything other than perfectly happy and perfectly proud of you, Blythe. When I married your father, it was the happiest day of my life. It was the happiest I had ever been. I did not think I could feel more joy than that. And then you came along."

Blythe looked down at the ground for a moment, fighting back tears.

"My precious little one, knowing you are happy and in love. Seeing the woman you have become, has brought me joy I didn't know I could have. We could not have had a better daughter, Blythe. You are a truly unique young woman. Please know that you have never, and never will disappoint us." Anne said as she hugged Blythe.

"Thank you, mom." Blythe said quietly.