Friday, September 19

The Joys of Pregnancy

Anne had only been asleep for a mere two hours when the uncontrollable urge to pee woke her up. "Oi! I wonder if I"ll ever get a full night's sleep while I'm pregnant?" Anne mumbled as she made her way to the bathroom.

The following morning, Anne wasn't feeling much better. "Annie, dear...what's wrong?" Alex asked concerned.

"Oh well...other than being violently ill, horrible back pain and having to pee every two minutes...nothing, I"m just peachy." Anne said moodily.

Alex winced hearing her. "Uh...I could give you a massage?" he offered.

"No, no. We have to go to work in a few minutes. Thank you love, I'll be ok." Anne said as she hurriedly finished her breakfast.

"Maybe you should stay home today..." Alex suggested tentatively.

"What?! No way!" Anne said in alarm. "I've worked really hard to get my last promotion and I'm close to getting another one. I'll be fine, really."

"Alright..." Alex said with a shrug.

Later that evening after dinner Anne's back was still troubling her. And with good reason, she was getting pretty close to her due date.

"Will you let me give you a massage now Annie? It'll make you feel better." Alex said gently

"Look at me. I'm huge! It's a miracle I can fit into any clothes!" Anne said rubbing her now very pregnant stomach.

"You look just as beautiful as ever, you always do." Alex said with a smile.

He says that because he hasn't seen me throw up.... Anne thought with a chuckle.  "Thank you dear."

"Hello in there, you ready to come out soon, aren't you?" Alex said as he rubbed Anne's stomach.

Anne laughed, "Don't encourage the baby dear, I would like to vain i have a peaceful night's sleep before this little one comes out."

"Ah....right." Alex said hiding a smile. "So...massage?" He offered again.

"Umm....Annie?" Alex asked puzzled. "Annie dear...."

Anne had collapsed from extreme tiredness however, and it wasn't the most flattering view either.

"How can she do that....she's extremely pregnant." Alex said to himself. "Annie? Annie dear, please wake up. The bed is but a couple of feet away you know...."

In the end it took Alex half an hour to wake her up. He thought of just carrying her to the bed, but he feared hurting her somehow.

"Hmm, did I...oh my...oh gross, I fell asleep on the floor!" Anne said embarrassed.

"It's ok dear, you should go to bed before you pass out again, but before that please let me give you a a quick massage, I promise it'll make you feel a bit better." Alex said with a hint of concern.

"Alright, I suppose a massage would be nice." Anne said with a sigh. She was so extremely tired.

"Thank you, Alex. That actually does feel better." Anne said when Alex was done massaging her back.

"No problem at all." Alex said watching her carefully. He was worried she might pass out on the floor again.

"Alright well, I really need to go to bed now. Good night love." Anne said sleepily.

"Good night, Annie."

Unfortunately for Anne, she was not to have her wish. Less than two hours after she'd gone to bed her bladder demanded her to get up and rush to the bathroom. "This is really rather annoying..." Anne mumbled as she went back to bed.

Anne woke up the next morning in labor. Alex had a panic attack.

"Annie...Annie! What do I do?" Alex asked frantically.

"Nothing, dear. It's just labor, give it a couple of hours and then maybe you can help." Annie said through one of her contractions.

"WHAT?! What do you mean by that?! You're in pain, why should I wait a few hours?!" Alex started pacing around the room in a panic.

"Alex...Alex! Would you please calm down!" Annie said with a sigh. "The baby won't come for another couple of hours, that's what I you please....go....tend the garden!" Annie said trying to work through a rather strong contraction.

"Garden! Right!" Alex said and ran out of the house in a state of panic.

"The poor dear..." Annie mumbled to herself.

Fortunately, the nursery room was all set and ready for the baby. Alex had even gone ahead and gotten two cribs in case there were twins. When he had explained this to Anne however, she had looked so horrified at the idea of having twins that he had yet to bring it up again.

Anne decided she might as well go help tend the garden. Alex didn't think it was such a great idea.

"What are you doing?!" Alex asked her. "You should be resting!"

Anne looked at him and rolled her eyes. "I might as well help, baby's not coming for a while."

"But Anne! You're in labor!" Alex said, clearly still in a state of panic.

"Alex...being outdoors, gardening... it's soothing to me ok?" Anne said quietly as she continued tending the garden.

Alex said nothing else. Who was he to argue with what was best for a woman in labor to do?

Anne didn't stop there though, when she was done with the garden she went inside to clean. She cleaned the bathroom, washed dishes, and even emptied the trash can. Alex watched her silently, he knew better than to try and get her to rest.

Soon it was time for the baby to be born. Anne was able to deliver without any complications.

Anne smiled at the new baby. "So, a baby girl." She said softly. "You're so happy, look at you. Hmm...Your name will be Blythe."

Both Anne and Alex were very happy to meet their newborn daughter. Anne was wondering if perhaps now she might get if not a full night's least she wouldn't be woken up by her bladder every two minutes.

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