Wednesday, September 17

New Plans

Anne as usual, woke up early though admittedly feeling rather uncomfortable this time around. That really wasn't the most restful bed around. She would have to invest on getting a better one sometime soon. She went about her morning routine, toilet, gardening, shower, breakfast. She had just sat down to watch the cooking channel when she got a phone call from Alex.
Alex wanted to know how she was doing and how her first day of work had gone. He also apologized for being unavailable by the time she returned home. He said he'd been struck by an inspiring mood and he had worked away until the wee hours of the night. Anne assured him all was well and they made plans to see each other after Anne returned home from work that day.

After Anne returned home later that evening, they had a nice dinner at Anne's place then settled in to watch an action movie.

"I've really missed you, Anne. It's a bit surprising realizing just how much I have missed you." Alex said as they cuddled on the sofa.

Anne smiled warmly, "I really missed you too, Alex"

"You know...I love you." Alex said quietly.

Anne was silent for just a moment. "You know...I love you too." She said with a chuckle.

After that they just silently watched their movie for a while. They were happy just to be in each other's company.

After the movie they laughed and discussed the movie's ending, along wit what each had done the day before. Before they knew it they were making out and the TV was long forgotten.

Then, on a sudden strike of inspiration Alex jumped up and smiled. "Here' let's take a picture together! To always have something to remind us of such a happy moment. Besides, later when I'm better, I'd like to make a painting of it!"

Anne saw how happy he was and she wouldn't think of denying his small request. "Alright, but I get to be the first one to see the painting when it's done!" She said with a smile.

"Listen, I've been thinking..." Alex started suddenly.

Anne blinked, last time he'd started with those words, he'd asked her to be his girlfriend. She was already his girlfriend so it couldn't be that. Was he always prone to this shyness? This nervousness? Strangely enough, she found it rather endearing in him.

"I love you, and I will always love you. And...well."I would like you to be my wife." He blurted out quickly.

Anne had not expected that, she was stunned speechless for a moment, several moments in fact, then she smiled. "Yes, Alex. I will be your wife!" She said excitedly.

Alex was so relieved stood up and hugged Anne. He was so happy she had accepted, it was all perfect.

Anne was just as happy, she had never expected to meet the love of her life on her first day in Willow Creek! How strange and unexpected life was sometimes.

After a few moments they were able to contain their excitement enough to realize it was actually quite late. Anne realized she had not washed the dinner dishes! How could I have forgotten?! Good grief! She hurried off to wash the dishes. "Uh, sorry, I actually forgot to wash the dishes after dinner. What's this world coming to..."

Alex chuckled shaking his head. She really was a bit of a neat freak. Fortunately, he didn't really mind that. It was rather cute really, watching her stress out over little things like a couple of dishes... or water on her lawn... Alex chuckled again. Anne was adorable strange.

By the time Anne was done fussing about the kitchen she noticed Alex was no where to be seen. Frowning in confusion she looked around. Honestly, where did he go? I didn't even here the door open or close... 

It wasn't until she went to her bedroom that she found her bed! Why how fresh of him, honestly! He could have asked, or waited to be invited!

Well, maybe he was just that tired. He had mentioned he'd been up all night. Shrugging Anne got ready for bed. They were going to be married after all, she might as well start getting used to it.

It hit her just then, she was engaged! Really engaged! She had found love, she was HAPPY! It was such a wonderful feeling, a perfect way to start her new life....even if it wasn't part of her original plans, she was more than happy to accommodate for new plans.

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