Thursday, September 18

Newlywed Life

"Good morning, wife." Alex said with a smile.

Anne chuckled, "Good morning, husband."

"Shall we have some breakfast?" Alex asked after giving her a quick kiss.

"Ah...I really need to tend to the garden first this morning. We were out all day yesterday with the wedding. Do you mind? I shouldn't be long, you can go ahead and get started. There's food in the fridge already cooked." Anne said with a quick kiss then hurried off to her garden.

She was planting a new garden box today, this one would have veggies. And soon she would be planting more. She had already installed other boxes.

By the time she was done, Alex had already finished his breakfast. As Anne sat down to have her breakfast she noticed the sink was broken, and was making a mess! "Oh no, Alex! You broke the sink! Did you seriously just leave it there to make a mess of water all over?" Anne said in annoyance.

"I'm sorry dear! I actually hadn't noticed! I'll get to it right now." Alex said apologetically. How could he have missed a leaking sink? Anne was fond of a clean house and here he had left a mess.

Alex wasn't the best at repairing things yet, but he'd get there. "Wonder how all this junk get stuck on a sink? I mean, look at this, it's a big pile of gross..." knowing Anne would not appreciate seeing a bigger mess he quietly finished cleaning up.

Meanwhile, Anne was having another fit. "He didn't notice a dirty sink? Oh gross, look at this!" she was mumbling to herself as she scrubbed the bathroom sink clean. "How does anyone NOT notice this?"

Things smoothed out however, later the newlyweds were busy at their own tasks. "Hey, Annie?" Said Alex suddenly as he stared at his canvas.

Anne arched a curious brow, "Yes...?" What idea was he thinking of now?

"I was thinking..." Alex went on a little distractedly as he focused on his painting.

"Mmhmm?" Said Anne as she continued practicing programming. Not point getting all worked out, he'd blurt it out soon enough.

"Well, I was thinking. Now would be a good time to try for a baby." Said Alex more to himself than to Anne by then.

"Oh." Said Anne surprised. She wondered if Alex would ever cease to amaze her. "Well, sure. Unless you mean like...NOW now. We're both int he middle of our projects. If you mean tonight, then yeah. We can try that" She said with a smile. She knew he'd be engrossed with his painting for hours to come.

Sure enough, they tried for a baby that very night. They were both in agreement that starting a family together was the next thing to do.

Anne woke up at 4am feeling quite ill. Enough that it sent her straight to the bathroom just in time to throw up.

"Oh gross." Anne mumbled annoyed. She had to wash the toilet thought it nearly sent her hurling again. She just couldn't leave it like that for Alex too clean up, it was too embarrassing

It occurred to Anne then that she might be pregnant, so she went ahead and took a pregnancy test. They  had just tried for a baby last night after all.

As it turned out, Anne was in fact pregnant. Anne was very happy. She hadn't noticed it before but her belly clearly indicated she was pregnant. "Hmm, odd...I hadn't noticed that before....I suppose between the throwing up and the cleaning I just didn't pay attention..." She said with a chuckle.

Anne found she was suddenly quite hungry, so she hurried over to fix some breakfast. "Alex!" She said trying to wake up her husband. "Alex, dear! Breakfast time!"

Alex didn't have to be told twice, he was famished. "Good morning dear." He said as they sat down to eat. "Mmm! This smells wonderful!" He said with a smile and dug right in.

"It does, doesn't it." Anne said happily.

Alex looked at Anne curiously, " look a little different somehow." He said puzzled.

Anne chuckled, "Yeah, I suppose I do." Was all she said.

Alex ate his breakfast in silence for a few moments. "Ok, well, what is it? It's not your hair..."

"Well, sweetie. I do look different, and I suppose I shall look more different tomorrow." She said smiling.

Alex just stared at her blankly. What on earth was she talking about?

Anne couldn't help but laugh at her husband's confusion.

"I'm pregnant! We're expecting our first child you daft silly man!" Anne said happily.

"Really?! Oh wow, it worked the first time, that's great!" Alex said ecstatically.  "Oh wait...are you ok? I mean, I don't know a whole lot about pregnancy but I know you shouldn't overexert yourself..." He said suddenly worried.

"Other than this awful morning sickness, I'm quite already dear. Don't worry." Anne said kissing his cheek. "I have to go tend to the garden now" She said quickly and dashed away.

"Hey, wait!" Alex said hurriedly. "I'll help!" He wasn't about to let her do all that garden work alone. She'd just expanded it too!

"It's ok, really." Anne said as she happily continued weeding the garden.

"Nonsense." Alex said determined to help.

By the time they were done with the garden, Anne was very grateful for the help. She was feeling sick again. "I'm going to lose a perfectly good breakfast at this point..." Anne mumbled to herself.

The rest of the day Anne decided to just try to rest and not do too much...or eat too much. It seemed every time she ate, she got sick.

Just before bed, Anne found herself in the bathroom...again. Only to find the sink broken. "Again?...I hate this sink..." She said tiredly.

"I really...really hate this sink. I'm replacing it as soon as I can." She said as she fixed it, then mopped up the mess.

"I'm so tired I could sleep for days...." Anne said when she finally dragged herself to bed. "Look at him, sleeping like a log..."

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