Sunday, September 21


Blythe's baby days all too soon were a thing of the past, she grew into a genius little girl who aspired to be a Whiz Kid. Blythe looked a lot like her mother.

Blythe was a lively girl with a great sense of humor, though most of her time was spend doing homework, playing chess, or reading books. She was a very determined little girl.

"Mom!" Blythe said excitedly as she got home one day. "Mom, guess what?!"

"What sweetheart?" Asked Anne curiously.

"I'm a B student now, Mom!" Blythe said proudly.

"That's wonderful, Blythe!" Anne said happily. "Congratulations dear, your hard work has paid off, I'm so proud of you!"

"Thank you Mom, but I still have more work to do, I must be an A student next!" Blythe announced happily, hugged her mom, and went straight to her room to do her homework.

"That's one focused little girl." Anne said to herself with a chuckle. Since the day Blythe had started school she had wanted nothing more than to be the very best student, and it seemed she was accomplishing her goal rather fast.

With Blythe now a child and growing quickly, Anne and Alex had decided to remodel their home by adding a second story. The bedrooms and bathroom were now upstairs, and downstairs was the kitchen, dining and living room areas. Despite their efforts however, it still felt small and cramped sometimes. The Montgomery's knew soon they would have to move to a bigger house if they were to accommodate a growing family.

"Blythe! Sweetie, wash up. It will be time for dinner in a few minutes!" Anne called wondering if Blythe had heard her upstairs. Blythe tended to lose track of time when it came to her studies.

"Coming, Mother!" Blythe called hurriedly.

Anne chuckled, studious or not, Blythe rarely missed a meal. 

"Mom, I need an observatory." Blythe said between bites.

Anne arched a brow, "An observatory?"

"Yes, you know...for stargazing." Blythe explained patiently.

Anne laughed, "I know what an observatory is, dear."

"Oh, good. So when can we get one?" 

Anne was thoughtful for a moment, she knew this had to do with Blythe's insatiable thirst for knowledge, but an observatory was rather big.... "Well sweetie, I'll have to speak to your dad about it. We'll have to see if we can make room for it in the backyard you see." Anne said pensively. 

"Hmm, alright. Thanks, mom."

"Alright, now hurry along and get ready for bed...oh and Blythe?" Anne said looking at her daughter.

"Hmm?" was all Blythe said as she finished her dinner.

"No staying up past your bedtime reading books, got it?" Anne said smiling.

Anne nodded in reply. She was usually careful not to get caught by her parents late at night reading books or playing chess. 

The following morning however, Blythe lost no time to bring that matter to her father herself.  "Dad, did mom ask you about the observatory?" 

Alex smiled, "Of course, sweetie." was all he said.

Blythe took a couple more bites of her breakfast, waiting to see if her father had anything else to say. "Well?" she said impatiently when he said nothing else.

"We will see if there's space for it here, kiddo." Alex said with a chuckle. 

"And if there isn't?" Blythe asked with a frown.

"Well...if there isn't, then we can't get one here, can we?" Alex said innocently.

Blythe sighed in disappointment.

Alex smiled, "In which case, we shall have to move to a new home that can accommodate your needs."

Blythe smiled happily. "Thanks, dad!"

Alex chuckled, "Anything for you, my little genius." 

After Blythe had left for school that morning Alex caught up with Anne on his conversation with Blythe. "She's persistent, that one." He said fondly.

Anne sighed, "Yes, that she is." she said with a smile. "We should start looking for a bigger home, we'll never hear the end of it if Blythe doesn't get her observatory."

Alex laughed, "That's true. You know, if she'd asked for toys or candy and we had said no, she would have accepted it and dropped the matter. But not so when it comes to her goal to be the smartest child around."

"Could be worse, love. At least her goal isn't to be some mischievous little scamp!" Anne said with a smile.

Alex laughed at the thought, "Oh we got very lucky there indeed."

Later that evening after dinner, Alex told his daughter of their plans to move to a bigger home so she have room for her observatory. Blythe couldn't be happier.

"Let's take a picture dad! One of your last nights here." Blythe said cheerfully.

"We don't know when we're moving yet, kiddo. But it shall be soon." Alex said as they got ready for the picture.

Well past Blythe's bedtime Anne and Alex were spending a few peaceful moments alone...or so they thought.

Blythe had gotten hungry a few hours past her bedtime and had decided to get a little snack. "Uh...gross. Oh come on guys, innocent child standing right behind you!" Blythe said with a frown.

Alex turned to look at her for a moment, "Go back to bed sweetie." was all he said and went back to kissing Anne.

"Gross! Don't you two have a bedroom where you can do that?" Blythe said then looked down at her plate. "I'm not hungry anymore....goodnight." She mumbled walking away. Parents were so... embarrassing!

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