Friday, October 3

The Monumental and Never Dull Task of Raising Children

"We have a deal then, let's shake on it." Camren said to his little brother Caiden with a smirk.

Caiden looked at Camren with suspicion. Camren was well known for his little pranks. "Alright, my science notes for your art notes."

It started well, but then suddenly and quite to Camren's surprise, his little prank actually backfired and he himself had to suffer the effects mean for his little brother.

Caiden collapsed in a fit of laughter. He could not believe his luck, Camren's pranks rare failed if ever. The look on his brother's face was absolutely priceless.

Later that day, after breakfast the twins were plotting a prank against their parents. They were trying to recruit their younger siblings though, as they needed the extra help for something really elaborate.

"No, no! Last time you two pulled off a prank of mom and dad you were in trouble for DAYS!" Cole said disdainfully. "I'll have nothing to do with your antics."

"Caiden's right Cole, you two get into trouble way too often. Is it really worth the trouble to be pulling off all these pranks?" Clare said with a frown.

"Yes!" Said both twins in unison.

Clare and Caiden looked at each other and shook their heads silently.

"Who wants to dance with me?" Said Blythe cheerfully as she walked into the living room.

Caiden ran for the stairs, he wasn't much into dancing. Cole and Clare rolled their eyes, someone had to humor their mother, today it looked like it was their turn.

Blythe looked at Cole with an arched brow. "If you're planning on executing one of your pranks right now, I'd advise you to change your mind young me. I'm in a lovely mood and you wouldn't want to ruin that, trust me." She said sternly.

Clare hid a smile. Her mother seemed to have a talent for sniffing prank plots.

Cole gave his mother a wounded look. "I am doing no such thing right now mom! Where's the trust?" He said sweetly.

"In last week's trash along with your last prank. You and your twin brother are going to kill someone one day! Stink potion should NOT be mixed with cake...." Blythe said with a sigh. There was a part of her though, that was impressed at her twins' talent for innovative pranks.

Alex had to turn to hide a chuckle. There was something so very funny and endearing about watching his daughter and grandchildren banter.

"Dear, you had better hurry up and get that homework done before your mother gets home. You know how she feels about leaving your homework until the last possible moment." Ben said to Clare.

"Now dad, technically, an hour before school would be leaving it for the last possible moment." Clare said with a smile.

Ben chuckled shaking his head. All four of his children were brilliant in different ways. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with so much brain power around.

Clare still had a matter to try and sort out. She didn't know how to best go about it however. Charles had become her very good and closest friend, especially when it came to this. He was the only one Clare had felt comfortable trusting with her family issue.

"You could just ask your parents about it?" Suggested Charles curiously.

"Yes, I could. But I don't think my dad and his brother get along very well...I have never heard anyone mention my uncle or his family in my entire life." Clare said with a troubled frown. "For all I know, my parents might not even know uncle Malcolm had a daughter, or even got married..."

"Well, maybe you could just invite your cousin over one day. Introduce her to the family then?" Ben said with a shrug.

Clare was thoughtful for a moment. "Hmm, that would be a bit...sudden and out of the blue but...I'll have to think about it. "The twins' birthdays is coming up so maybe after that..."

Sure enough, the following weekend the adults in the house were busy with birthday preparations. The Montgomery Family wasn't one to have big huge parties with lots of guests. Fortunately, with a full house that was more than enough people to have their own private celebrations.

And so the twins left their childhood days behind and celebrated their passage into adolescence. Only time would tell if the boys would leave their prankster days behind or not.

Teenage Camren was now not only creative, but childish. Maybe his prankster days weren't a think of the past after all. Like his grandfather, Camren aspired to be a Painter Extraordinaire. Despite his prankster nature, Camren had been a overachiever as a child. He had successfully completed his childhood aspiration of being an artistic prodigy.

Teenage Cole on the other hand was still active, but now also a foodie who appreciated very much an excellent meal. Cole aspired to be a Master Mixologist. Like his twin brother, Cole's love of pranks had not hindered his aspiration of being a rambunctious scamp. He had completed that alarmingly fast and spent the rest of his childhood helping his twin with their many pranks.

With two teenagers and two more on the way, Montgomery House was in for a change. And of course, there was still Clare's matter of recently discovered family members.

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