Monday, September 22

Child Prodigy

"Mom?" Blythe asked curiously one day over breakfast.

"Blythe?" Anne replied with a smile.

"Are dad and you every going to have another kid?"

Anne nearly chocked on her breakfast. "Excuse me?" was all she could manage.
Blythe laughed, "Mom, I'm not asking where babies come from or anything like that. I'm just wondering if I should get used to the idea of being and only child, or if I should expect a sibling at some point."

Anne was thoughtful for a moment. "You know, you definitely think too much little lady." Anne said fondly. "However, I don't know if your father and I will have any more children or not. Believe it or not, it's not a topic that has come up between us yet." Anne said looking at her daughter. "We're very happy to have you Blythe. We couldn't have asked for a better child. I guess we just haven't felt the need for another child just yet..." Anne said thoughtfully.

Blythe shrugged, "Hmm, ok."

Later, after Blythe had left for school Anne their conversation with Alex, who was just as amused and perplexed as Anne had first been.

"Do you suppose she's lonely? Perhaps she wishes there was another child around?" Alex wondered.

"I don't know. I think she was merely curious. Though I suppose there may be times she must wonder what it would be like to have siblings. A little brother or sister." Anne said with a sigh.

"Well...we could always have another child you know." Alex said as they cuddled on the sofa.

Anne laughed, "Of course, we could. But I don't know, maybe now isn't the right time. Or I don't know if there is a right time or not that is. We've been so happy with Blythe, and she's certainly a busy little bee."

"Well, we have plenty of time to think about it, we're still young after all." Alex said with a wink.

Blythe was certainly a very busy little bee. She was working hard at becoming both a Whiz Kid and an 'A' student.

In order to work on her creative skill Blythe decided to take up playing the violin. Unfortunately, she was really not good at it. She had to resort to playing upstairs out in the balcony where she would not inconvenience her parents, and possibly cause them permanent ear damage.

Blythe spent a lot of time reading as well. Overall she spend almost all of her free time reading and building up her skills. Occasionally she would take time off to just play, but Blythe preferred playing games that would help her skills, such as chess and drawing.

And in no time at all Blythe's dedication payed off. "Mom! Mom!" She said excitedly as she came home from school one day.

"Yes, sweetie. Upstairs!" Anne said as she left the bathroom.

"Mom! I did it mom!" Blythe said as she hurried upstairs. "I'm an 'A' student!" She said happily.

"Really?! Wow, that's wonderful, Blythe!" Anne said as she gave her daughter a hug. "I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks, mom. Now, I'm free to go experiment with the chemistry set!" Blythe said as walked away already planning out her next goals.

"Well...she's a prodigy that's for sure." Anne said to herself with a chuckle.

 Blythe, single minded as ever when it came to her goals set off to experiment with her chemistry set. She was in a hurry to complete her childhood aspiration of being a Whiz Kid. She would be turning into a teen in a couple of days and she was determined to accomplish her aspiration!

"Oh I do hope Blythe doesn't set the houses on fire..." Anne said to herself as she heard her daughter plying away with the chemistry set.

As luck would have it, both Alex and Blythe completed their aspirations on the same day. Alex was now a Painter Extraordinaire and Blythe was a Whiz Kid. They completed their aspirations two days before Blythe's birthday.

Anne happily baked a cake in celebration of both Blythe's birthday and all her accomplishments. Blythe for her part, couldn't be happier. She had done all she had accomplished to do as a child and now she would have a good foundation for the next part of her life.

Anne and Alex were both extremely proud of their daughter, they had helped her along but Blythe had accomplished her goals largely on her own. She was a very talented little girl, about to turn into a teenager. They wondered what awaited them now.

Blythe turned out to be a gorgeous teenager. Thanks to completing her childhood aspiration she was now mentally gifted, along with being a genius and now creative as well. She now aspired to have successful lineage. She had learned from her mother the value and importance of family and she knew her mother meant to build the foundation of what might one day be a great legacy, like their family used to be so long ago.

Blythe wasn't entirely in the know of her entire family history, but she knew enough that despite the a troubled past, her mother held a great value in family. Blythe would help her mother and ensure the family continued down the successful path she had started.

That aside, Blythe turned out to be the mirror image of her mother. It seemed aside for getting her father's eyebrows, everything else was just like Anne.

"Happy birthday little princess. Well, not so little anymore." Alex said as he hugged his daughter.

"Thanks, dad. You and mom are the best parents anyone could ask for." Blythe said happily. Her parents were more than just parents, they were mentors, they were her best friends. "I want you to know, you and mom gave me the best childhood ever, thank you so much!"

"Now, now... don't go growing up too quick. You're still a teenager and in my eyes you're still my little girl." Alex said gently. He knew it wouldn't be long now before his daughter became a young adult, ready to start her own life.

Later that evening, Anne had a chance to sit down with her daughter and try to have a much needed conversation about... well boys.

"Blythe...I know you're usually such a busy girl but...any day now you're going to find yourself interested in a boy your age and well... I want you to be careful out there, ok?" Anne said uncomfortably. This wasn't exactly something she'd given much thought before now.

Blythe looked at her mother blankly for a moment, as if not understanding what she'd said. "Oh!" she said at last. "Ah mom, don't worry about that. I don't have time for silly boys and silly dating right now. I'll be starting High School as a B student, Mother! A 'B' student!" Blythe said indignantly. "I shall get to be an 'A' student in no time, then after that, I must get to work on whatever skills will aide my career in the future." she said already distracted by plans.

Anne chuckled, she was still that single minded little task master she'd always been. But one day soon... she would find herself in love, and she would have to learn to manage her time a little differently. Anne sighed heavily, her daughter wasn't a little girl anymore. "Good night sweetheart." She said and kissed her daughter before heading back inside.

Blythe went straight to working on her homework. "Who has time for boys..." she mumbled distractedly.

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