Sunday, October 19

Elders' Celebration

Baby Dawn grew into a lovely little girl, the first 4th Generation Montgomery. As she, she was to be her generation's heiress. She grew to inherit her great-grandmother's Neat trait. Dawn aspired to be an Artistic Prodigy.

Dawn had her Mother's deep red hair, and her fathers light green eyes. She knew very little about her mother, and she had yet to meet her. Dawn had been told by her family that obviously she had seen her mother when she was born...but not since. It seemed Cora did not yet have time to come visit her daughter. Dawn didn't let that bother her however, love was something she was fortunate to have in abundance.

"I'm just saying sweetheart, there is a fine line between being noncommittal and being promiscuous. You need to be careful or you might hurt someone, break her heart. We raised you boys to respect people and their feelings. Have your fun, but make sure the one you're having fun with is on the same page as you, Cole." Blythe was telling her son one morning over breakfast.

"Mom, relax. No one's getting hurt...except maybe my back sometimes." Cole said with a grin.

"Cole! Honestly, you have a horrible sense of humor!" Blythe said, wishing she could unhear that.

"It's a guy thing, love." Ben said with a quiet chuckle.

Caiden and Camren laughed, "Yeah, Mom. It's a guy thing. Though mind you... I wouldn't go about it that way." Camren said with a smile.

"I dunno...I don't much have time for that kind of fun right now. But yes, I suppose it's a guy thing." Caiden said with a shrug.

Blythe glared at the three of them, "Don't encourage him!"

"Dad, I know it's both your birthdays today, I want to invite Charlie over. Please tell me you're not going to act like a tyrant with him?" Clare said with a sigh.

"Hey, I've no idea what you're talking about. I'm not a tyrant." Ben said indignantly.

Blythe chuckled, "He'll behave sweetheart, don't worry. It's hard for every father to let go of his daughter. Your father is getting old and has clearly forgotten how difficult my father was with him."

"Old Alexander is probably laughing to no end in his grave..." Ben mumbled to no one in particular.

"Besides, you get married tomorrow. Your father will behave himself if he know's what's good for him." Blythe said sternly.

"Mom! It's your birthday! I told you I would take care of all the cooking for the party..." Clare said with a frown.

"Oh, I know darling. I just...well, you know I don't like sitting around doing nothing for too long. I just wanted to help a little. I'm sorry." Blythe said with a smile.

"Yeah...or you're a bit of a control freak when it comes to food. You're a lot like grandma that way. You taught me well, you know. I make excellent food I'll have you know." Clare said proudly.

Blythe laughed, "Oh you're a smart one, you are. You are my daughter after all. Alright, alright, I'll leave the kitchen to you."

"Dude! Look at us, it's like we've switched bodies or something. You look all thin and fit and I'm starting to look all doughy the way you used to look. Quit working out so much! That's supposed to be my thing, you're making me look fat!" Cole said laughing.

"No, dude. You're not fat, you've got muscles. Something I clearly lack. Fortuantely, I don't want muscles. Besides, working out helps me manage my stress." Camren said with a chuckle.

Cole frowned, he knew his twin brother still wasn't completely over Cora. In fact, he was pretty sure there was a part of Camren that still loved Cora, perhaps he always would. Camren was different that way. He was unable to love more than one woman at a time. "You know, there are far more fun ways to relieve stress." he said with a smirk.

"Ah, yes, well...we may be twins dear brother but we are obviously not all the same. You have your methods, I have mine. I for one, find it tacky to be so chronically promiscuous. Besides, I have a daughter, I cannot be setting up a bad example for her. I don't want her growing up it's ok for guys to treat her that way." He said shaking his head.

"Hey now! I am not hurting or deceiving anyone! I can't help it if I'm so darn popular with the ladies, dude. You could be the same, we are identical twins after all, though we do go out of our ways not to look too identical." Cole said playfully.

"Besides, I play with toys, not with ladies. Sorry, brother, but I've been on the other end of a noncommittal person's idea of fun. Make sure you don't end up like Cora, or I will beat you up myself, twin or not." Camren said with such a sweet and innocent smile it made Cole take a step away from his twin brother.

"I'll have you know, I would never walk away from my own child, thank you very much. I would never dishonor our family in such a foul way." Cole said, hurt that his own twin would even think him capable of such atrocious behavior!

Camren smiled, "I know."

"You've gotten really good at making drinks, Cole. It's so awesome!" Clare said happily.

"Why of course, how else would I keep the ladies happy?" He said grinning.

"Eww..." Grumbled Clare. "Honestly, gross. Just...make sure everyone is well tended to, and NO I do NOT mean in that sexually deviant way of yours, pervert!" She said before Cole could come up with another smart comment of his.

"You know it will pretty much be family, right? I would never make a move on a family member, not even on cousin Lori." Cole said in distaste. Why was it his family always thought him to be some sort of sex addict? He just liked having a good time, and really what better way than to end up in bed with a pretty lady?

"Look at you go, mom!" Camren said laughing. "Dad, come on! You're not old yet, move more!"

Blythe laughed, "Your dad was never a fan of pop music, dear." She said as she continued dancing.

"That is not a birthday cake!" Said Camren laughing.

"Well, no. Your father requested a cheesecake this time." Blythe said rolling her eyes. It was no secret that Ben had a very deep love affair with cheesecakes.

"Where's yours, mom?" Wondered Camren.

"In the kitchen of course." Said Blythe happily. "I guess it's my turn. Mom always said being old was a pain in the back." She said and everyone laughed.

"Happy Birthday, Mom!" Said all four of her children together.

"Happy Birthday, love. Please don't turn into an ugly, grumpy old lady." Said Ben playfully.

"Oh, that's going to cost you." Said Blythe and blew out her candles.

Ben and Blythe so far had had a wonderful and very productive life together. They had four great kids who were now all young adults, one wonderful grandchild and a beautiful house that would be home to generations to come. Now both Ben and Blythe looked forward to enjoying their family and helping them along for whatever time they had left. Blythe knew all too well it was just a matter of time now, before Death came calling on her and her husband as he had once done for her parents.

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