Monday, September 22

Love, Happiness and a Touch of Evil

Multi-Purpose Observatory

Anne and Alex finally decided to move to a new home. As it turned out, they didn't even have to leave the neighborhood, just a couple of houses to the left. Fortunately for little Blythe, they had just enough room to get an observatory. Blythe's parents' however...found more...creative purposes for the observatory while she was at school.

All in all, the Montgomery Family was very happy with the new home. It had three bedrooms and two bathrooms, so there was plenty of room for a growing family.

Blythe loves stories

Blythe often enjoyed her parents reading to her. Sometimes, she liked very much being an only child. Other times, she wished she had a brother or sister to play with. Blythe however, was usually too busy with her studies to contemplate such matters seriously.

"Mom!" Blythe said as she hurriedly tried to finish her lunch one day. "Mom! Remember you promised you'd play chess with me today after lunch! I'm almost done!"

"Alright, alright. I wouldn't forget such an important promise." Anne called from the living room. She often wondered if all children were so...intellectual? She didn't remember being that way as a child.

Anne had thought they would play one game of chess, but four games later Blythe was still going single mindedly at it. "Blythe, dear. It's almost your bedtime, this has to be the last game." Anne said trying to hide a yawn.

"Well, we're tied. You've won two games, and I've won two game, this one should be the tie breaker." Blythe said absently as she concentrated on the chess board.

Anne sighed tiredly, there was no talking her daughter out of a chess marathon. She's be lucky if she got to bed before midnight at this rate.

In the end, Blythe had won, as usual. On the bright side, Anne got to go to bed before midnight. It was a win win really.

Anne had discovered a lovely finish spot just behind their new house. She liked to fish there when Blythe and Alex were at school and work. She found that she really rather enjoyed fishing, her next door neighbor however...not so much.

This was Anne's new neighbor, Wanda Scholl. An evil ambitious glutton who lashed at her any chance she got. Anne had not the slightest idea why Wanda hated her so much. Anne had tried her very best to be as polite as possible to Wanda, but it seemed the nicer Anne was, the meaner Wanda got.

Until one fine afternoon the tension between both ladies took a rather nasty left turn. They had all been at the park, having a lovely day, until Wanda arrived and as soon as she saw Anne, she lashed at her.

"Why must you be wearing the same tank-top as me? Can't you be a little original Anne? Honestly!" Wanda said in a mean tone of voice and the group around them quieted down.

Anne, after enduring a week's worth of tongue lashings from Wanda, could stand it no longer and lashed right back at her. "You need your eyes fixed, Wanda. We are in fact, not wearing the same tank-top. Mine's different. And before you make another mistake, we are not wearing the same pants either, or the same shoes for that matter!"

"Why you prissy little toad! How dare you talk to me like that?!" Wanda said indignantly. She wasn't used to people talking back to her at all. "Is that what you're teaching that strange little mouse of yours? Poor child doesn't stand a chance with a mother like you!"

Well, needless to say, that was one insult Anne could not tolerate. Before anyone knew it, a fight had broken out between the too ladies.

All this mind you, at the park, where there were other children to witness such behavior from adults. Generally, it's the children you'd have to watch out for, but on this occasion the children were perfectly well behaved.

In the end, Anne won the little brawl and poor Wanda was left in a daze. "Don't you ever insult my child you evil tempered demon!" Anne said and walked away before they went to blows again.

Wanda, needless to say, was too dazed to do anything other than limp back to her house. Anne however, felt rather badly and foolish about the whole incident. She should not have let Wanda get to her like that. Now things would be even worse between them.

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