Tuesday, September 16

First Date

The following day Anne woke up cheerful to start a new day. She would have breakfast for the first time in her new home. It was such a liberating feeling she was in high spirits. Scrambled eggs will do for now. She thought cheerfully. She wasn't the best of cooks yet, but she would get better and better. Anne had always enjoyed cooking.

Now for a spot of gardening! Anne thought to herself happily. She always found gardening very soothing. It's a small box, But I'll get more soon enough. I think flowers will do nicely for this one.

Hmm, I wonder what I should have for lunch. Or perhaps, I should go out for lunch. See the town a bit. Anne wondered as she watered her newly planted flower seeds. She figured she might as well start getting acquainted with the town that was now her home.

Oh no... I've made a mess! Anne thought with a frown. I wonder if I could get away with mopping this up without anyone seeing. I mean, really, I can't just leave this mess here....no, it wont do. I'll just have to clean it up. Anne was not one to tolerate any sort of messes. She liked everything neat, clean and organized. Her father had called her a neat freak more than once. But she refused to live in the filth he seemed to have relished. Still, Anne didn't like the strange looks people gave her when they thought she was being overly clean.

Fortunately for Anne, she was done cleaning up the mess and on her way back into the house when Alexander showed up. She was aware that most people weren't in the habit of mopping their lawns... the thought made her chuckle.

"Alexander, how nice to see you again. Please come in." Anne said as she stepped into the house. She was glad she had had the forethought to wash her breakfast dishes before doing her gardening.

"Hello Anne, I thought I'd bring you some fresh vegetables from my garden." Alex said handing her a basket with carrots and some apples. "Ah, and some apples. I love apples." He said with a chuckle as he walked into the house after Anne.

"Thank you Alex, that's very kind of you. I love gardening!" She said happily surprised that he too seemed to enjoy it.

"Yes, I rather like it myself. I noticed the garden box in your yard yesterday and thought you might appreciate some fresh veggies while you grow your own."

Anne put the veggies and apples away in the fridge then went and sat down on the sofa. "Would you like a drink? Some lunch perhaps? I could make a salad with those lovely carrots you brought me." she said about to stand up and head to the kitchen.

"Ah...no. No that's ok, thank you." Alex said with a bit of a frown.

Anne arched a curious brow as she watched him. She'd never cooked for him before so it wasn't her cooking. Was it something she'd said?

"Actually..." Alex said with a small chuckle. "I was hoping to invite you for a walk around town, show you around for a bit. There's a lovely park not far from you. You seem to enjoy being outdoors." Alex said nervously.

Anne blinked as if confused for a second, then she smiled. "That would be lovely. I was just thinking of looking around town today. The park sounds like a great start."

Magnolia Blossom Park turned out to be a lovely place to hang out. It was beautiful with its trees and flowers, several fishing spots and it seemed to cater to different diversions. Chess, a playground for children, room to jog, a place to use a grill and have lunch or an early dinner. Best of all, it was close to her house! Anne was blissfully happy.

"I'm a bit of an artist, you see." Alex said as they sat down on a bench to rest. "And this park, well it never fails to inspire me. It's beautiful."

"Oh, an artist. How interesting." Anne said with a smile. Artists usually tended to be sensitive people. She found that was usually a good thing. "Perhaps one day you'll show me some of your work? I'm not an artist myself, but I can always appreciate a good painting."

"When I produce something a little more...worthy, then yes, I'll be happy to show you. I'm still working at it, you see. Learning as I go." Alex said a little shyly. He was still self conscious of his not so expertly done paintings. But he knew one day soon he'd get much better. Perhaps now, he would be inspired and motivated to do even better.

"I'm sure you're being too hard on yourself. But as you wish, I look forward to it." Anne said with a chuckle. Often times one's harshest critic was one's self. Or so her great grandmother always told her. Anne found it to be true more often than not though.

Anne and Alexander spent a few more hours talking and even flirting. They seemed to have lost track of time. Anne who was usually so organized and liked to follow a particular routine and plan of action had forgotten all notion of it. She was very much enjoying herself though.

And in between talking about the different beautiful places in the park and what kind of flowers they each preferred, they both forgot their initial shyness and felt more at ease with each other. Alex suddenly turned to look at her and smiled, "You know, you're very beautiful. Not just physically but you also have a beautiful personality. I haven't had this much fun since before I moved to Willow Creek.

"Which admittedly was a mere couple of days before I moved here." Anne said with a chuckle as she tried to ignore her flushed cheeks. "As it turns out, you're rather cute yourself Alex, and you're very interesting to talk to. Not just because you think I'm pretty mind you!" She said laughing.

They spent the rest of the day at the park talking the hours away. Alex even grilled some hot dogs for them to have a late lunch. They talked about what they liked, what they didn't like. What they aspired to do and other things they might have in common. Somewhere along the way, they even shared their first kiss.

When they finally noticed it was getting dark, Alex walked Anne back home and bid her goodnight. He was very happy that by luck or fate Anne had decided to move in to Willow Creek, and right next door to him!

All in all, it had been the best date ever!

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