Tuesday, September 16

Meet the Founder

Meet Anne Montgomery, a young girl who has recently moved to Willow Creek. Ann comes from a once proud and influential family from Monte Vista. The Montgomery's were a long-standing family that had been native to Monte Vista for well over twelve generations. 

They had once started from nothing, and through the work of one young Montgomery twelve generations ago the family had established themselves as a well known, respectable and eventually wealthy family. 

Now however, the the name Montgomery was but a distant if not forgotten memory. Five generations ago the family's good standing and livelihood came to a crushing end. It was the twins. Raul and Jasper Montgomery. Because they were firstborn and twins there was a dispute as to who was to be the next Patriarch. Most were in favor of Raul becoming Patriarch as he was the first of the twins to be born and thus the position was his by traditional birthright. Jasper however, would not allow it. He claimed to also be the firstborn and that the role of Patriarch should go to both twins.

The Montgomery's however, had never had two heads of family at the same time. It was simply unheard of. By tradition, head of house was given to the firstborn, and though Raul and Jasper were by no means the first twins in the family line, they were however, the first twins to be firstborns. Jasper gained more and more supporters to his cause until soon the family was divided in half. Those that supported Raul and those that supported Jasper. The dispute went on for a long time, and in that time the family fell into despair. By the time the twins had become elders and inevitable died they had never reached an agreement. They had both been so busy quarreling amongst themselves that they never married, never had a family never produced an heir.

The Montgomery family was no longer the united house it used to be. After a lifetime of quarrels and bitter dispute, no one had any interest in a peaceful resolution and thus the family grew apart. The best they could hope for was to at least cease the endless bickering among themselves and try to live peacefully apart. That was five generations ago.

Anne had been born into a world of shadows and shame. Of whispered rumors of a once great Montgomery family now reduced to nothing more than a broken down excuse of a family. In fact, Anne was all that remained of the Montgomery's. She was the last living relative as far as anyone knew.

Anne knew that as long as she remained in Monte Vista she would never escape the shadow that hung over her family name. She would never be given to opportunity to rise above the rubble that was their life. Thus Anne had decided the best thing to do was for her to move, it meant leaving her home town, her heritage behind, but it was something that had to be done. Monte Vista had nothing but misery for her and any family she might have. What she needed was a fresh start. A town where she had no past and a fair chance at a good future. 

She didn't have much, but what little her parents had left her along with the sale of her family home afforded her just enough to move and perhaps buy a small home. Anne was determined to make a new home, a new place where she could build a life, a career, and maybe even a family. A new family that would not be born in the shadow of shame and infamy. She would break the chains that had plagued her family for five generations now. She would start a new generation of Montgomery's. 

Anne Montgomery aspires to be a Freelance Botanist, she loves the outdoors and despite the fact that she's a bit of a neat freaks she's rather cheerful.


  1. Wow, this was so good! It sounds like a movie lol.

  2. Aww, thank you, Jes! :) I'm trying my hand at being more creative this time around :)

  3. Hello! It's LizzieMay here :) I'm already loving this little tale you've spun. Is this going to be a variation of pinstar's legacy or are you creating your own unique spin to it?

  4. Hi Lizzie! Thanks for reading the intro! As for your question, I don't know exactly. I feel like with all the rules I'll be breaking it's no longer a Pinstar Challege or even a variation for that matter. It is similar in the sense that there will be several generations to go through, and there will be a rule of thumb for the successors, but other than that everything else goes against the traditional challenge lol. For the sake of a fuller story progression I will at times be playing multiple households. That's a big no-no for a Pinstar challeng lol. The founder also didn't start in the 50x50 lot with $1800 and nothing else. So yeah, it's going to be quite different. Really I'm just trying to play in a way that will allow for a more varied story...or so I hope at least lol. I will do a legacy challenge again, but I'm still in mourning for losing Delany Legacy so not for now.

  5. Wonderful! I know I'm late to the party, but I love it!

    1. :) Never too late! It's a fairly new story, we're only on Gen 3 so you're not so late. And thank you!