Wednesday, September 24

Teenage Romance, Magical Trees and Enduring Love

The week after Blythe's and Ben's first date was a busy one. Ben was over at the Montgomery House daily. He was careful not to ask Blythe out on a date again, not for a while. It occurred to Ben that Blythe seemed more comfortable and at east at home. And if that was the case, then Ben would just have to hang out with her at her place for the time being.

Fortunately for Ben, the idea seemed to be spot on. Blythe had grown used to seeing Ben around, though the same couldn't quite be said about Blythe's parents. Alexander in particular was having a hard time seeing a boy after his beloved daughter on a daily basis.

"You know, you're the funniest, smartest, nicest most beautiful girl around, Blythe." Ben said rather unexpectedly. And he hadn't quite meant to say that, but there it was, he'd just sort of said it without thinking.

Blythe smiled shyly. "Uh, thanks. So are you..." she said then laughed as she realized what she had just said. "I mean, well you're not a girl...but you're nice, and smart...enough." She said playfully.

Ben smiled not sure what to make of it all but glad he hadn't gotten slapped. "Ah...right." Ben sometimes wondered if Blythe even felt the same way he did.

"What I meant to say is...thanks." Blythe said with a sigh. "And...I really like you too." She said quickly and took Ben rather by surprise by kissing him.

Ben was at that moment, the happiest person alive. "Perfect." Was all he could say.

There was no getting rid of Ben after that. He and Blythe seemed to always be together, much to Alex's growing annoyance. Anne on the other hand, thought the whole thing was perfectly adorable. It was the only time Anne and Alex did not agree on something.

Encouraged by Blythe's shy show of affection, Ben had asked her to be his girlfriend, to which she said yes. The happy young couple were very happy and very much in love. But as they mostly hung out together at Montgomery House, they sometimes had to get creative to find some privacy without Anne and Alex asking questions all the time.

"Where are you two going?" Alex said one weekend morning while he was typing away on the computer. He was engrossed in some art research he was doing for work.

Blythe blinked for a moment, "Dad, the chess table is upstairs. You do remember that, right?" she said cleverly trying to avoid lying to her father.

Alex mumbled and waved them away, "Fine, fine." was all he said as he returned to his research.

Ben chuckled as they made their way up the stairs. "You're a handy one to have around."

"Oh, shush you!" Blythe said smiling.

Playing chess however, was not what either of them had in mind. In the end, despite Blythe's stubborn bookworm habits, hormones won out.

They were still teenagers, so they weren't doing anything too serious, just constantly messing around like most teenager in love were bound to do. All that messing around though, often got them tired.

"Ahhhh! Oh no!" Blythe was freaking out after waking up from an unintended nap.

"What?!" Ben said flying out of bed, he wasn't entirely awake and he was expecting Alexander to jump at him any moment now.

"It's late! I haven't done my homework!" Blythe hurried over to her desk in a panic.

Been watched Blythe for a moment then started laughing, "Oh, you have some interesting priorities."

"My priorities are just fine, thank you. I just don't want my grades dropping, not if I can help it." Blythe said with a shrug.

"Must you always be right?" Ben said with a sigh as he started doing his own homework. He wasn't about to be an embarrassment to his lovely girlfriend.

Blythe chuckled, "You're so cute when you study." she said blowing him a kiss. "But hurry up, you've got to be getting home before my parents realilze you're still here."

Ben laughed shaking his head, no he didn't want Alexander finding him so at home in Blythe's bedroom.

"Aww, and here I thought I was going to get a reward for being good enough to finish my homework." Ben said sullenly.

Blythe chuckled, "Why you cheeky brat!"

Meanwhile, Anne had been spending her time doing what she did best: Gardening. Eventually though, she wandered around the neighborhood looking at the different trees and flowers, collecting a few here and there.

It was in one of those fine days that Anne had come across and interesting tree she had seen when she had first moved to Willow Creek. It was just to the left of her old house. The tree was so big, and there was something a big usual about it, she just didn't know what. One day, Anne found herself watering the tree, why she didn't know, she just thought it could use the attention.

After watering the tree a couple of times and even talking to it a time or two, Anne was very surprised to find the tree suddenly had an  opening! Something like, a cave entrance of sorts.

Anne never one to ignore curiosity, went right through. She wondered how big it was, or what might be inside it. As it turned out, even though it was very dark, it was big. Bigger than what the tree trunk seemed to be. She even heard water, like a stream or something then later found a strange looking mist.

Amazingly, Anne ended up in an entirely different place! The Sylvan Glade. It was a beautiful place, calm and peaceful with beautiful colors. Anne couldn't believe she'd come across such a place.

Happily, there were a couple of fishing spots in the Glade. Anne rather enjoyed fishing, it was her third favorite activity. Cleaning being her first favorite, and gardening being the second favorite. Anne came back to the Glade often, she loved fishing there.

A couple of days later, Montgomery House was about to be very very busy!

"You know what's strange?" Ben asked Blythe one day as they messed around in the observatory. Blythe was blissfully unaware that her parents had already thought of that creative a idea long ago when she was still a child.

"Hmm?" Blythe said distractedly.

"You and I have the same birthday... just like your parents." Ben said curiously. He hadn't realized that until he had heard Anne and Alex talking about Blythe's birthday tomorrow.

"Really?" Blythe said surprised.

"That is strange! Oh but that means we can celebrate our birthdays together! Especially since you'll be here already!" Blythe said happily.

"Good morning dear." Anne said the following morning. "And Happy Birthday! I cant belive you're turning into a young adult today!"

"Morning, mom." Blythe said thoughtfully. "Oh! It turns out it's also Ben's birthday today. So we'll be celebrating for two." She said happily.

"Really? How very interesting." Anne said curiously. "I guess you two really were meant to be."

Blythe smiled, "Thank you for always being so understanding, mom."

Knowing what was on her daughter's mind Anne sighed, "Your father understands too, my love. But it's a bit more difficult for him to let go of his precious daughter. Don't think it hasn't been hard for me too but... I was young and in love once too. Though not quite as you as you." Anne said with a chuckle.

"Talking about me, are you?" Alex said with a yawn as he made his way into the kitchen for breakfast.

"Maybe." Anne said with a smile.

"It's my birthday, behave dad." Blythe said with a sigh.

Alex simply mumbled to himself as he finished his breakfast. There was no law stating he had to enjoy having his baby girl stolen from him by some twit of a boy! Alex knew though, his daughter was grown up, she would soon start a family of her own. He would have to come to terms with the idea of it.

Later that evening Alex and Anne were full swing with the public display of affection. It was Alex's idea as usual.

"Ignore my parents, Ben. Don't worry, soon enough it'll be us in their place and then we'll see how they deal with it." Blythe said with a mischievous chuckle.

Alex however, didn't think it was very amusing. "I'll uh... I'll just sit right here." He said sitting between Blythe and Ben. "Ah there we go, this is nice and cozy isn't it?" he said with a smile.

"Seriously dad..." Blythe mumbled shaking her head.

"Actually, this is in fact very pleasant. It should give us the perfect chance to get to know ourselves better Mr. Montgomery." Ben said innocently.

Blythe hid a smile as Alex just sat there drinking his milk.

"Well, Happy Birthday, Blythe. You're as beautiful a young adult as you were a teenager. Maybe even more beautiful." Ben said giving Blythe a rose.

"Thank you Ben. Happy Birthday to you too." Blythe said happily.

"You know, we're both consenting adults now right? Young Adults, but Adults none the less..." Ben said conversationally.

Blythe looked at Ben curiously, "Yes..."

"You know I love you. You're the single most important person in my life, Blythe. I'll always love you, no matter what. Even if you say no." Ben said seriously. "Blythe, would you marry me?"

"What?!!!" Blythe said in alarm. She was not expecting this, not today at least, maybe not for a while. "I mean...yes, of course." She said with a chuckle. "I love you too."

"Really? Are you sure?" Ben said a little shocked.

Blythe laughed, "Of course I'm sure you silly thing!"

"Why you cheeky little brat!" Alex said suddenly. "You couldn't wait a full 24 hours after her birthday? You had to go and pop the question the second you got the chance?"

Anne frowned, "Dear...please."

"Father!" Blythe said in a way she only did on the very rare occasion she was truly displeased with him.

Alexander smiled then, "Well about time. Maybe now you two can quit sneaking around and I can stop pretending I don't know what you're up to" He said laughing.

Everyone just stared at Alex in shock for a moment, then they were all laughing. It was just like Alex to pull one like that on all of them. Even Anne had been fooled.

"And, you know what that means?" Alex said mischievously.

"Uh-oh." Said Anne with a chuckle.

"I can now do as I please, seeing as these two kids fancy themselves all grown up!" Alex said and suddenly gave his wife a rather passionate kiss.

"Gross!" Said Blythe and Ben in unison.

To Blythe however, it was rather endearing sight. To see that after all their time together, their parents were still as in love with each other as they had been when they'd first married. It was their marriage that taught her love could be beautiful and everlasting. True love, could endure it all even time itself.

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