Tuesday, September 16

Day 1

A New Home for a New Start

Anne has finally moved to Willow Creek. She was lucky enough to find a small two bedroom home within her budget and she still managed to have a bit of cash that can hold her over for a few days. It's rather a small home, but it will do for now. She is so excited to start her new life.

Anne doesn't care if the house is more on the small side, she's just so happy to be in Willow Creek, on her way to a new start. Though the house came fully furnished, Anne decided to at least upgrade the TV, the one the house came with was just far too tiny and basic. She also went ahead and added a proper bookshelf in the living-room. Fortunately for her, she had enough money left to do that and still not have to get a job right on her first day in her new home.

I do need to add at least one garden box to start. I couldn't possibly go without gardening. Anne thought to herself as she installed the garden box she had ordered. It will only hold four plants, but that will do for now.... Anne thought with a sigh. She was used to a big garden. Eventually though, she would build herself a big garden.

Anne had just settled in to read a cooking book when a knock at the door interrupted her reading. Oh, honestly. I've been here half a day how can I possibly have anyone at my door? I haven't met a single person yet! Anne thought in mild irritation. She had been set on reading her cooking book long enough to get her first skill rank at least. But alas, it would have to wait. Being rude was not in her nature.

The knock at the door turned out to be her next door neighbor, Alexander Smith, who had also recently moved in to the neighborhood. Fortunately for him, he was handsome enough to distract Anne out of her irritation.

"Please do come in Mr. Smith" Anne said politely waving him into her home.

"Alexander...Alex if you prefer." Alex said with a smile. He was not used to such formality from someone so young. They seemed to be around the same age.

"Ah..yes, Alex it is. I am Anne Montgomery, pleased to meet you." Anne said a bit nervously.  She wasn't always comfortable around strangers, even if they were good looking. Being a social butterfly wasn't exactly her forte.

"Well it's nice to meet you too Anne. I just came by to welcome you to the neighborhood. I'm assuming some of our other neighbors have payed you a visit already?" Alex said as he casually looked around the house. It was small, but not as small as his house.

"Uh, no actually, you're the first one to come by. And thank you, it's very kind of you." Anne said as she invited Alex to sit on the couch and turned on the cooking channel. She needed some background noise, it made her feel more at ease.

"Oh really?" Alex said surprised. "I would've of thought at least one of them would have been over by now. Well, I'm glad to be the first one then. How are you settling in so far?"

"Rather well, thank you. It's a bit of a small house but it will suit me well enough for now. You mentioned you're new to the neighborhood as well?" Anne asked curiously.

"Oh yeah, I moved in a couple of days ago. I'm the first house down to the left from yours. And right across the street from me is the Cassidy family. And to my left is the BFF family."  Alex said matter-of-factually.

"Ah, that's good to know. I'm sure I'll meet them soon enough. So everyone else is as friendly around here? That's good."

"Yes, yes. You'll love it here. The whole town is great really."

As it turned out, Alex was a creative, self-assured art lover who aspired to be a Painter Extraordinaire.

Anne and Alex spent the rest of the day talking and sharing stories until evening time came and Alex finally excused himself and returned to his own home. Overall it had been a pleasant day, even if it hadn't at all gone the way Anne had planned it.


  1. Huzah! I got round to reading this. It's LizzieMay, by the way :) Alex is a cutie, have you uploaded them both to the Gallery? You know, come to think of it...with a little tweaking he could be a good contender for the Zac Efron look-a-like contest...

  2. Lol, Hi Lizzie! And actually, no I haven't downloaded anyone to the Gallery yet, I keep forgetting lol.