Friday, October 17

The Bump on the Road

The blissful happiness Camren and Cora had been enjoying came to a sudden halt one morning shortly after Cora got pregnant.
"I'm not trying to force your hand or pressure you into anything Cora! I just don't know why you have to go be in your house all alone while you're pregnant! I'm just trying to take care of you." Camren was saying in increasing annoyance.

"Well it feels like it, Camren! I've been here for days on end, I think it's time I went home." Cora said impatiently.

"Cora, if you just need time to yourself, that's perfectly understandable. Go out, get some fresh air, it doesn't mean you have to leave altogether. Couldn't you just wait until you at least had the baby? Don't you understand I want to be a part of this pregnancy? I want to be there when the baby's born. This is my baby too!" Camren said trying to calm down.

Cora sighed heavily, "Alright, I can see this is getting us nowhere. Perhaps you're right, I have been cooped up in here for a while now. I will go and take a walk, maybe go visit a friend or two. I will be back later Camren, please don't worry."

Cora went to the park first, there she played a round of chess with a guy named Manny. It gave her time to cool down and try to consider things more rationally. Try as she might however, she still felt trapped, pressured. She had not planned on a pregnancy, and she felt like her being pregnant was complicating things between her and Camren. Camren, no matter what, was the kind of man who thought a life long commitment was the honorable and sensible thing to do. And a child was even more binding that marriage. She couldn't help but feel trapped.

Feeling too restless to go back to Montgomery Manor yet, Cora decided to visit her friend Don Lothario. She had known Don since she was a child, he was a family friend. She just needed to vent for a little while.

The thing about Don, was that he was a little too smooth, a little too charming and a little too good at making her feel better. Cora hadn't intended to end up in bed with him, yet in bed with Don she ended up. And it had been great, and now she didn't feel great, she felt worse. Camren had been nothing be perfectly great to her. She also knew Camren wasn't the kind of person that wound look kindly on her sleeping with other men. Cora didn't know how she was going to sort this out with him, but it was time to return to Montgomery House.

When she got back to Montgomery Manor however, Camren was all charm and apologies. It was next to impossible to dampen his mood and so Cora decided she would talk to him later about her time with Don. There was no point in taking away his happiness right now.

"I'm sure to you it seems like forever, but for me it seems like this pregnancy has got by rather quick." Camren said with a smile.

"Yeah, but I should be due very soon. I wonder what we're having. Do you have a preference?" She asked trying to be happy at least for the moment. It didn't help that she'd done nothing but throw up every few hours since she got pregnant.

"Not really, I'd be just as happy whether we have a girl or a boy." Camren said happily.

Peace and happiness seemed to have returned to the young couple. They were happy, and they certainly still enjoyed each other's company. Cora knew they still would have to talk, but she decided that at least for the remainder of her pregnancy, which wasn't much now, she would try to make Camren happy.

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