Sunday, October 12

A Generation's Accomplishments

"I hate doing dishes!" Camren said grumpily. "I hate it with a fiery passion! Why must I be the one to do dishes today? It's Dad's turn!"

"Dude, quit your whining before mom gives you something worse to do." Cole said trying to hide a smile.

"There's nothing worse than doing dishes...." Camren lamented.

"Oh yeah? Try fixing and cleaning up toilets!" Snapped Clare as she made her way up the stairs to fix the toilet up there.

"Now, now children. Hurry along and try not to complain so much. There's still a lot of packing to do." Said Blythe patiently from the kitchen.

The Montgomery family had decided to move to a bigger house, and due to that they were all kept very busy for the big move that was taking place the following day.

Every move tends to be eventful in one way or another. Unfortunately for Caiden, it is eventful in the worst way imaginable to him. He had wanted to ask his mother about some packing supplies and had instead walked in right in the middle of their parents and their midday woohoo session!

"I wish I was blind! There's no unseeing that!" Caiden exclaimed as he walked over to Cole who was in their parents room  using the computer there.

"Whoa, whoa, slow down there little brother. What are you rambling on about now?" Asked Cole curiously.

"Uh..." Caiden wasn't entirely sure he wanted to share this with either of the twins. They were sure to find a way to tease him about it later. Unfortunately, he was too distraught and really needed support. "I and know." Caiden said trying to find the right way to say it. "I was looking for mom for some packing supplies, I knew she was in grandpa and grandma's old bedroom packing up the stuff in there and dad know...woohoo and all that."

"Oh...I'm really sorry you had to see that." Was all Cole could say for the moment.

"I would never mess around in my own parents' room! Why would they? Ewww..." Said Cole with a frown.

"Hmm, I don't know nor do I care to know what their reason was to do that." Said Cole shaking his head.

Caiden looked around just then really noticing that they were in their parents' bedroom then he looked at Cole, "How long have you been using the computer here?"

"Uh...I don't, it's been hours, why?" Cole said puzzled.

Caiden glared at his brother, "It's your fault! You've been here for hours and that's why they went over to the other bedroom! It's your fault I'll have nightmares for the rest of my life!" He said and stormed out of the room.

"Hey! How was I supposed to know?" Cole said and sighed, why was it always his fault? "Hey! Look on the bright side, we're moving tomorrow to a whole new house!"

Traumatic event aside, the family had packed and moved right on schedule the following day. All four teenagers went to school, much to their disappointment. They had hoped to miss school due to the move but no such luck.

They were however, quite excited to see the knew home after school. It certainly looked way bigger than their previous house. It was a three-story house that looked huge.

Camden's own bathroom

Cole's Bedroom

Clare's Bedroom

Altogether, the new house had ten bedrooms and eleven bathrooms. The 3rd floor had three bedroom dedicated to children, each room had two beds and two desks. There was also a large play-room with anything a kid would ever want. The twins thought it was too late for them to have such a house, but future generations of children were sure to enjoy themselves. Also on the 3rd floor was a music room that housed different musical instruments including a piano, and last but not least there was an exercise room. A sort of private gym with anything you might find at the local gym.

The 2nd floor had six bedroom that were designated for teens and adults and a nursery room for newborns. The 1st floor had everything else: Kitchen, a dining room that could seat 18 people, a living room, a recreation room with card tables, music and a juice bar, another large room that would be the family's painting display room, a smaller quiet room for painting, and a bathroom.

Art Studio

The house had a big backyard with a space for gardening, a grill with three patio tables, and a quiet little garden. Overall everyone was very pleased with the new house. It had more than enough space and rooms for a big family. The house had been designed by Ben and Blythe themselves and they hoped it would be the last time they felt the need to move to a new home.

And all in time just before the twins turned into young adults, their teenage days were numbered. Blythe was happy to be leaving Camren with a good home and well settled. He would be able to take care of his siblings and any children he may have in the future.

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