Wednesday, September 17

Wedding Jitters or Wedding Bells?

Anne woke up in a good mood and since Alex had spent the night over, she figured today she would start with breakfast first, and her garden would be tended to afterwards. Anne smiled, even though Alex had spent the night over, he had been a perfect gentleman. He had slept like the dead actually.

Anne wondered if he was a late riser, or if he was just really tired from lack of proper sleep. Well, either way, she wasn't about to wake him up so early. It was barely 6am. She would just have breakfast herself, then go tend to the garden. After that, she'd wake him up if he was still sleeping. She had to go to work after all and she wanted to make sure he'd at least had breakfast.

Alas, Alex had different plans. "Ah, I'm sorry sweetheart, I really must run back home. I hadn't planned on staying over last night and I left all my paints out! They're probably ruined by now." He said hurriedly as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and dashed off. "See you later!" And with that, he was gone.

Anna sat there perplexed. She just couldn't keep up with him sometimes. One moment he'd be happy, the next tired, or romantic, then serious. One moment here was there and then he was gone. Were all men so incredibly confusing? Well, there was no point to trying and make sense of it all right now. She had a garden to tend, and then she had to hurry off to work.

After work, Anne decided she would go to the library to get that last bit of video game time in. She would soon get a promotion if she kept up the good performance! She only had about another hour to dedicate to video games and she should be covered.

By the time Anne got home however, she was quite tired, she ate a quick dinner and went straight to bed. The next morning, she woke happy, it was her off! Anne decided it was the perfect day to add to her little garden.

 This one will have herbs. She thought happily. Being outdoors and doing some gardening always got her in the best of moods. When she was done she got a call from Alex and they spend some time catching each other up with what they'd been doing. Alex, as usually, had gotten cought up with a sudden surge of inspiration and was glued to his art easel. Just thinking about it made Anne chuckle. Alex was an odd one sometimes.

Anne had spent the day happy and glad that she'd put her day off to good use. Her cooking skills were improving and so were her gardening skills. One skill that was sadly lacking however, was her handy skills. She hadn't realized that until her toilet broke down later that evening.

"Oh, gross! Broken toilet! Oh's making a mess!" She fumbled around for a moment caught between her need to clean and the need to fix the toilet. "Ack! Alright, I suppose I really aught to fix the toilet first...I've never fixed a toilet before...ewww!" after what seemed forever to Anne she finally got the toilet fixed and hurriedly cleaned up her drenched bathroom floor. She couldn't go to bed though until she showered first, she'd spent two hours touching a toilet!!

On Sunday, Alex called Anne to let her know he was planning on coming by unless she would be busy elsewhere. Anne of course, told him she would be home and would see him soon. Alex lost no time and made his way over to Anne's house almost right away.

"Good morning, dear!" Alex said in greeting as Anne answered her door.

"Hello." Anne said curiously. She could tell Alex was toying around with another idea of his. She wondered what it would be this time. Move in together? Go off for the day?

"So, we have a wedding to plan!" Alex said excitedly.

"Uh...yes...we do...." Anne said confused. "You"

Alex laughed, "Well of course today silly! It's your last day off! You won't have another day off until next weekend. So we might as well make it today. Don't you think?"

Anne was thoughtful for a moment. "Well, you're quite right. Wow, well we do have a wedding to plan then!" She said with a shaky laugh. Alex had a talent for surprising her...and changing her plans.

"Well..." said Anne as they went inside the house. "I will bake the wedding cake first."

"What?!" Alex said in alarm. "But we can hire someone to do it for us!"

"Yes, but I've no idea what quality of cake it will turn out to be if someone else does it! It might be excellent or it might be less than desirable. It's our wedding, I want the best cake, so I shall make it." Anne said as she gathered the ingredients to make the cake.

Alex watched her in amuzement. "Well, as you wish of course." He said with a chuckle. When Anne was done with the cake, he knew she'd done an excellent job. "That looks great!"

"Why thank you!" Anne said with a smile. "Alright, now let's get to work!"

Two hours later, they were gathered at the local chapel along with their guests to start the wedding ceremony. It was all beautifully decorated.. The bride and groom as good looking as ever of course.

Anne and Alex exchanged vows, promising to love and care for one another for all of their lives.

Then it was time for the couple to exchange rings. The audience quietly watched the couple.

The ceremony itself wasn't very long, which was just as well as the guests were eager to have a few drinks and enjoy some dancing.

Everyone wished the newlyweds much happiness in their new lives together.

"Alex, dear...what are you doing in here by yourself? It's time to have some cake." Anne said curiously. "You're not concocting another one of your ideas, are?"

Alex laughed, "No, no. I was just looking at the paintings in here, there's quite pretty actually." He said then smiled. "Though, not as beautiful as you of course."

"Flatterer." Anne said with a smile. "Alright, come on prince charming."

"After you my dear."

"Explain to me again, why we have to sit here for everyone to stare?" Anne said quietly.

"Well, you see're a beautiful bride, perhaps the most beautiful bride this town has ever seen. And well, I'm certainly a dashing groom, lucky you. So, our guests like to see beautiful couples, especially if said couples are madly in love with each other." Alex said and took a bit of cake so he would not be expected to say anything else for at least a moment.

Anne looked at Alex. "You've a very odd sense of humor, you know? But I'm glad to see your so self assured and confident with yourself...dashing indeed." she said with a chuckle. Honestly, where did he come up with such nonsense?

"Are you saying I am not dashing? Or that my bride is not the most beautiful one around? That's my bride you're talking about I'll have you know." Alex said in mock offense.

"Aww, but you are charming, even with you're faking disdain." Anne said blowing Alex a kiss. "Alright, alright, I shall endure this moment on the spotlight."

"There's a good bride." Alex said again before taking another bite of cake and smiling.

By the time the wedding reception was over and they had made it home Anne and Alex were both quite happy but tired. Of course, it being their wedding night and all, they still had enough energy for a bit of fun.

Both Anne and Alex were in agreement not to try for a baby, at least not on their wedding night. They wanted at least a day to themselves without the joys of pregnancy.

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