Friday, September 26

Boys will be Boys

With four grown and doting adults at home, the twins were very well cared for. All their needs and wants were tended to. Alas, babyhood is short. Before long, the twins had grown into adorable little boys.

Camren is a creative boy who aspires to be an artistic prodigy. He takes after his grandfather, Alex.

Cole is an active boy who aspires to be an rambunctious scamp. It was decided Cole must take after his father.

Both twins have their father's blonde hair and their mother's green eyes. They are identical except for how they style their hair.

Camren was not so happy about having a twin at first. In fact, he was downright sad about it. He didn't want a twin, he wanted to be one of a kind, and now there was a copy of him running around.

Fortunately, Cole's charming personality won Camren over in the end. Plus it was nice to have another child around in a house full of grown-ups.

Camren and Cole grew to be very close. They did almost everything together, from playing chess to eating. They even pulled the occasional prank on their parents together.

Camren often preferred getting help from his parents to complete his homework. It was his theory that he shouldn't have to do his homework alone if he could get help from someone that knew more.

"Can't I do my homework later dad? Like, after I play outside for a while?" Camren asked one evening when he was feeling particularly bored.

Ben chuckled, "Are you kidding? Your mother would skin me alive if she found out I let you boys play before doing your homework."

"Yeah, yeah. Mom so serious about homework." Camren said with a sigh and he returned to his homework.

"Mom, mom!" Cole said excitedly one morning.

"Yes, cole?" Blythe said curiously.

"I won! I won against Camren this time! I never get to win at chess, but I finally won!" Cole said happily.

Blythe chuckled, "Good job sweetheart."

As busy as the Montgomery Home was, it was about to get a little busier. Blythe and Ben got carried away one night, and naturally it resulted in Blythe's second pregnancy. She only hoped it wasn't another set of twins, though if it was she'd be perfectly happy...after she was done being pregnant.

Fortunately for Blythe, this pregnancy went for the most part pretty smoothly. Though she was nauseous sometimes, she never actually threw up. It had been much the same way when she was pregnant with the twins, but she didn't feel she was quite as big. Or perhaps, she had adjusted to pregnancy now.

"So what do you think? Another boy? Or perhaps a girl?" Anne asked curiously.

Blythe smiled, "Who knows? Maybe it'll be twin girls this time around."

Anne laughed, "Good heavens! That would certainly make this a very busy house."

The night before Blythe went into labor was a rare one. The entire family managed to go to bed and stay asleep the whole night through. It was truly a rare sight.

As fate would have it, Blythe delivered another baby boy. Ben wasn't around for this birth either, but at least this time it was for a good reason: He was at work.

"Well hello, little one. I think I'll name you Caiden." Blythe said gently. "My little Caiden, welcome to the family."

"Hmm, another brother. Well, that should be more fun." Camren said when he met the newest member of the family.

"I don't know, a sister might've been nice." Cole said thoughtfully.

The twins did not have to wait long to play with their new little brother, before long Caiden's baby days were a thing of the past.

Caiden was now a genius child, and like his mother he aspired to be a whiz kid. He turned out to have his mother's hair color and looked a lot like her.

With three generations now living at Montgomery Home, things would sure be hectic.

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