Wednesday, September 17

A New Job and a New Love

Anne was very happy, today she was starting her new job! She couldn't wait! It wasn't the best of positions but it was a promising start. And it was a good schedule as well. Not too early, that way it would give her time to tend her garden in the morning before heading off to work. And she'd get home just in time to have dinner. It was great!

As was her habit, Anne headed to her garden first thing in the morning. It's looking great! She thought happily as she watered her growing flowers. She was so focused on her plants and remembering the date she'd had with Alex that she didn't even bother mopping up the excess water on her lawn after watering her plants.

Anne hurried off back to the house to have a quick breakfast, she still had some salad from yesterday so she settled in for that. Just as she was finishing off though, there was a knock at the door. Anne smiled, there was only one person that could be: Alex.

And sure enough, it was Alex. "Good morning, Alex." Anne said cheerfully as she invited him into the house. "How are you today?"

"Good morning, I'm alright, thank you." Alex said distractedly. "Ah. listen Anne. I wanted to ask you something..." He said and stopped for a moment as if thoughtfully.

Anne looked at him curiously, "Alright."

"We had fun yesterday, right? I mean, since we met, we seem to get along quite well..." Alex went on focusing on his shoes now.

"Ah...yes, of course. It was lovely yesterday." Anne said puzzled. She wished she knew where Alex was going with this.

"Well...I've been thinking...and, I wanted to ask you...see if you agree..." Alex stammered. What if she didn't feel the same way? They were next door neighbors, he'd have to live with rejection every time he saw her...

"Hey..." Anne said gently. "I don't bite Alex, I'm sure whatever it is, you can tell me." She said encouragingly.

Alex smiled, "Alright, here goes. I was thinking, that is I wanted to know if you'd like to be my girlfriend." He blurted out before he lost what little nerve he had left.

Anne looked at him blankly for a moment. She wasn't sure she'd heard him correctly. Surely he hadn't just said that... But he did! She thought to herself then smiled.

"Well, that was sudden." Anne said and laughed. "Yes, I would like to be your girlfriend." She said happily.

Alex relaxed at last and smiled, she had said yes after all. "Great!" was all he could say for a while.

Anne laughed, "You know, anyone else might've thought  you were the bearer of bad news, the way you carried on!"

Alex chuckled, "I'm sorry. I'm not exactly used to doing that. And I wasn't sure you felt the same way." He said as he sat down and settled in to watch TV.

Anne realized the time just then, "Oh hey! Uh... I'm really sorry to cut this short but, I just got a job! And I start today, in fact, I have to leave now or I'll be late!" She said hurriedly. "But feel free to make yourself at home, I'm really sorry about this Alex. I'll make it up to you! I won't be back until later, take care!" She said hurriedly and then she was gone.

Alex didn't even get a chance to reply before she had whirled out in a hurry. He was so happy he just sat there for a few hours, just watching TV. He thought of just waiting for Anne to get home, maybe he could fix her dinner. Well, his cooking skills weren't very impressive at all. After a while he decided he better go back home and get back to work.

A few hours later, at around 5pm Alex came by knocking again. He wondered if Anne was home now. But alas, he was not in luck. Anne had not returned home yet. Well, that was that. He would have to wait to see her later.

Anne finally got home at 6pm, tired but happy. She was determined to get a promotion as soon as possible. Before she could do that however, she had to spend a good 4 hours playing video games to improve her performance at work. She could play video games via her phone but that wasn't efficient enough. The Library! she thought suddenly. The library had computers, she could use one of those computers to play video games for a while.

Anne was about to head out the door when she remembered Alex. She stopped and pulled out her phone to call him. No answer... she thought with a frown. So she called again, and again there was no answer. He must be absorbed with one of his paintings. Well, in that case, off to the library I go!

At the library she was fortunate enough for find one of the computers available and she delved right in to playing video games. It was already quite late by the time she got there, and she only stayed for a couple of hours but by then everyone else had gone home.

Back at her house Anne fixed herself some dinner and wondered if she should worry about not hearing back from Alex. Then again, maybe it really was just him being absorbed with his paintings. He had mentioned he tended to lose track of time when he was particularly focused on a painting.

"Oh well...maybe tomorrow." She told herself as she headed to bed.

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